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Jun 19, 2021

It can be really challenging to know if we're parenting too much or too little. Especially when we have a son or daughter, that's neurodiverse and has some developmental delays or extra challenges. When your child enters the adulting transition, it can get even more complicated. 
How much should we support and how...

Jun 4, 2021

Join us for this in-depth discussion with Travis Slagle, the Clinical Director at Evoke Therapy Intensives.


Parenting is challenging, especially if we haven't worked through our own issues. Parenting a neurodiverse child adds additional stressors into the mix, often bringing our personal issues into the equation.



May 28, 2021

Why is maintaining good physical health and hygiene such an issue for some autistic and neurodiverse young people?


In this episode, Jason gets real about the challenges and negative outcomes some of them experience. This is not an easy or fun topic to discuss but it's a relevant one and the struggle is real!



May 21, 2021

Join us as we have a conversation with Eric Pedersen, the Dean of Science, Engineering, and Technology at Dixie State University in Southern Utah, who sits on the board of several technology companies, and is a founding partner at our program for neurodiverse young adults, TechieForLife.


Eric gets candid about the...

May 15, 2021

For part three of Parenting with Confidence, I share a simple yet effective parenting tool and process to help you have the confidence to weather the inevitable bumps and challenges that come with parenting.

Join me as I encourage you to examine where you focus your time and energy and consider if it's actually in areas...